Paint Fight

What happens when you take three artistic friends, put them in a room with a large pizza banner and a ton of paint….

Well, actually, Paint Fight was a little bit more planned out than that. In late 2012 while talking to my friends Caroline Knap and Stuart Poole the idea of a paint fight occurred to us. We were talking about ruining each others paintings, and how much fun it would be to have a paint fight. So, by January 2013 the Paint Fight was planned. I prepared tons of paint, filled balloons and got a large banner (roughly 10 x 4 feet). Bryn Scott-Grimes filmed the paint fight, doing an excellent job of capturing splashes of paint as it exploded from balloons, our laughter and smiles, and the over all fun and excitement we had while we all made a mess of ourselves. I then edited the footage and created the Paint Fight video that you can watch below. I hope you enjoy the video, and the pictures I have included of the fight and the finished banner.