Jen Backman is a professional illustrator based in Toronto. Her love of art and reading drew her to comic books and storytelling at a young age. Eager to perfect her craft, Jen is always looking for new opportunities to challenge and expand her abilities. In 2013, Jen received an Honours BFA from York University in Visual Arts, specializing in drawing and painting. After graduating, she joined Idea Couture—an award-winning global strategic innovation and experience design firm. As Idea Couture’s resident illustrator, Jen creates user scenarios and visual assets both internally and for client deliverables. Jen works in a diverse range of mediums, and draws her inspiration from nature, monsters, romance, sci-fi, and comic books. When she isn’t glued to her drawing table, Jen enjoys reading, the outdoors, swimming, jogging, and long conversations with her dog. Whether Jen is drawing for personal or for professional reasons, she has fun with her work and invites you to as well.

If you would like to know more about the artist, you can email her at jenbackman@hotmail.com. Jen is always open to talk about her work, and the possibility of new projects.